Annual Consortium Meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark)

We held our annual consortium in Copenhagen, Denmark from 7th to 9th February 2023. It has been a great opportunity for discussion, updates on progress, and plans for the next period. 

One of our partners, the Danish Cancer Society, hosted us. A special thanks to Mette Sorensen and Manuella Lech Cantuaria for their hospitality!

This event brought together about thirty people from the 13 partner institutions of the project. Those who could not make the trip to Copenhagen were able to participate remotely.

On the three days, we focused on a review of each work package and on inter-WP breakout sessions.

Young researchers presented their ongoing research:

  • Michelle Leemans (INSERM, WP2): “Identification of health trajectories and their association with exposome in the French CF patients registry : first presentation of the data and analysis plan”
  • Alan Patlan Hernandez (INSERM, WP2): “Associations of prenatal exposure to outdoor PM2.5 and NO2 with childhood respiratory symptoms in the Pelagie birth cohort”
  • Basel Adams (Fh IZM, WP3) “Environmental toolkit”
  • Isabel Wilhelm (Fh ICT, WP3) “Current measuring capabilities of biomarker sensor”
  • Maria Georgopoulou (FORTH, WP4), focus on work plan “atmospheric contribution to the exposome simulation”
  • Céline-Hivda Yegen (INSERM, WP4), focus on work plan “biology in WP4, and others contributions to the exposome simulation”

We also held a meeting with our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to present the progress of the project. Thanks to Maryaline Catillon and Jef Hooyberghs for your advices and suggestions.

It has been an exciting three days, with so many great exchanges and interesting discussions!

Thanks to all REMEDIA partners for their participation