Kaduceo (KADUCE)


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Kaduceo (KADUCE)

Matthieu Ortala Kaduceo

Matthieu Ortala

Owner & CEO

HealthData expert

Christelle Algans Kaduceo

Christelle Algans

Project manager Remedia

Data scientist

Kaduceo is a french startup expert in data science applied to health.

Kaduceo believes that data science, applied to the health sector, improves the experience of healthcare professionals and contributes to the optimization of our healthcare system. Data science, which is a combination of mathematics and computer science, allows us to analyze and give value to different sources of data in order to identify trends and indicators. As an expert in health data for the past 6 years, Kaduceo explores and develops intelligent models and digital solutions to help professionals (doctors, healthcare teams, administrators, etc.) in improving their practices, organizing their activities and conducting medical research.



Kaduceo will lead the task 2.1: “Preexisting data integration” of the WP2 which includes:

  • Material and Data Transfer Agreement
  • Development of a secure unified database to allow data access and analysis
  • Data harmonization and quality control
  • Data sharing