Toolbox Database

An integration of multiple datasets gathering phenotype and exposome information:

This part of the project is dedicated to the collection and integration of multiple datasets with all pre-existing health and environmental data relevant to REMEDIA’s research objectives from the participating cohorts and registries.

The integration of multiple datasets will be achieved from five well-designed existing cohorts and populations registries; 2 mother-child cohorts (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children – ALSPAC and Pertubateurs Endocriniens: Etude Longitudinale sur les Anomalies de la Grossesse, l’infertilité et l’enfance – PELAGIE), the French CF registry (covering all ages of life), and 3 adult cohorts (Danish Cancer Health – DCH, Norwegian Women and Cancer Cohort – NOWAC and TROMSO).

The integration of multiple datasets will include pre-existing data on exposome and lung/disease features from the participating cohorts/registries and will be further enriched with public environmental and contextual information to be matched with subjects geocoded residence and newly conducted OMICs analyses in targeted case-control studies.

Collected data aim at covering a broad representation of the exposome, including whenever possible specific and general external exposome components, for example, exposure to atmospheric pollutants (particulate matter, nitric oxides, ozone, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide), life style (diet, physical activity, sleep duration, smoking, alcohol & drugs consumption, pets in the home), occupational exposure, socio-economic level (individual social economic status, house crowding, living conditions, median household income), UV, surrounding natural space, built environment, surrounding traffic, as well as internal exposome components (e.g., data from microbiome, lipidomic and epigenetic analyses). Clinical information regarding COPD and CF endpoints (age at onset/diagnosis, lung function, comorbidities, exacerbations, mortality) will also be collected.